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Download our latest technical reports here.

001. IFT Rosenheim Report (Certificate Approval)

Laminated Saftey Glass 21-003863-PR01 PB-H05-05-en-01

002. IFT Rosenheim Report (detail)

Laminated Saftey Glass 21-003863-PR01 PB-H05-05-en-01

003. Technical Data Sheet

PVB - 0.38mm ExTraClear

004. Technical Data Sheet

PVB - 0.76mm ExTraClear

005. Technical Data Sheet

PVB - 1.14mm ExTraClear

006. Technical Data Sheet

PVB - 1.52mm ExTraClear

007. Intertek ASTM Test

ASTM D792-Density/Specific Gravity, ASTM D412-Tension, ASTM D1003-Haze and Luminous Transmittance, ASTM E313 Yellowish Index, Whiteness Index and tint evaluations of PVB interlayer film

008. ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate - EMS ISO 14001:2015

009. ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate - OHS-ISO 45001:2018

010. ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate - QMS- ISO 9001:2015

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